Bircher Financial takes the guesswork and worry out of investing and savings. With over 20 years of experience in financial planning and wealth management, Bircher offers each client a custom investment allocation formula tailored to individual goals, timelines and risk tolerances.

A plan tailored to your specific needs will be carefully devised and monitored by the experts at Bircher Financial to ensure your financial assets are working for you. The most common assets include equities, fixed income and cash.

Should there be a change in risk tolerance, goals or financial situation, Bircher will help you realign your short and long-term investment and savings plans.

Your Portfolio

The experts at Bircher Financial work to keep a diversified and well-balanced portfolio not only between asset categories (equities, fixed income and cash) but also representing a wide range of industries within those asset categories.

Some investments will grow faster than others and require rebalancing. Part of the rebalancing process will include reviewing the investments in each category to ensure they are in alignment with your investment goals. The allocation formula can be re-established through the sales and purchase of investments.

Tax Efficiency

You could potentially retain thousands of dollars by incorporating tax efficiency into your investment strategy. A solid understanding of how profits from investments are taxed, which investments to register or not register, and tax efficiency strategies is a critical part of any financial plan.

Bircher Financial can help you understand and find the right solution from the vast options available for you, your spouse, children and business.