2017 Federal Budget Summary

The March 22, 2017 federal budget (the “Budget”) included a number of tax measures that will impact Canadian taxpayers. Rather than summarize every tax measure included in the Budget document, this report, which was prepared from within the Budget lock-up … Continued

Highlights from the 2016 Alberta Budget

  ** Provided by Mackenzie Investments Business Tax Measures   1) Alberta Investor Tax Credit The Alberta Investor Tax Credit, worth $90 million over two years, will benefit investors who invest in eligible small and medium sized enterprises in Alberta. … Continued


***Excerpt from Tax highlights from the 2016 Federal budget (www.CI.com Mar 23, 2016) Personal income tax rates The new federal marginal tax rate of 33% for taxable income in excess of $200,000 became effective January 1, 2016, as did the … Continued

Business Insurance and Risk Management Know-How

Risk Management Insurance is an important component of a detailed business risk management strategy, as a significant loss could devastate your business. Choosing the right coverage will add peace of mind while securing your business and wealth management strategy. Below … Continued

Business Succession Planning

A business succession plan is a blueprint for the orderly transition of a family owned business to the next generation, a partner or a key employee. The transition could be the result of a disability, retirement or death of an … Continued

Creating an Investment Portfolio Formula

Risk versus Returns This concept provides the foundation of investment strategy. In this area you will need to take on enough risk to ensure your portfolio grows sufficiently, but if you take on too much risk, the money may not be there … Continued

Tax Strategies

Corporate Class Funds Many major fund companies offer corporate class structures for their mutual funds, which can provide tax efficient growth while minimizing current taxes. This is achieved through structuring large groups of funds as a single mutual fund corporate … Continued

Understanding Taxes on Investment Income

Tax Efficiency You could potentially retain thousands of dollars by incorporating tax efficiency into your investment strategy. A solid understanding of how profits from investments are taxed, which investments to register or not register, and tax efficiency strategies is the … Continued

Investment Vehicles

Mutual Funds What is a Mutual Fund? Mutual Funds use a pool of money collected from numerous investors to purchases stocks, bonds or other assets.  This portfolio is managed by a professional investment manager who has a distinct objective and … Continued

Personal Insurance Options

Personal Insurance Having the right insurance in place is important. There are a wide variety of options for personal insurance depending on needs, circumstances and financial goals. Below is a brief description of the various personal insurance solutions available. Before … Continued