Small business owners can benefit from the intelligent financial planning services available at Bircher Financial. Trust Bircher to support your business through informed solutions in risk management and insurance, family trusts, estate freezes, buy sell agreements and succession planning.

Be confident in the complete business financial planning services of Bircher Financial, so you can work on the growth and management of your business, while Bircher ensures your business and legacy are protected now, and in the future.

Estate Freezes

If you are planning on passing your business on to your family and anticipate the value of your business will increase significantly, an estate freeze strategy will allow for the transfer of assets which can reduce and defer capital gains taxes. The value of your shares and real estate is frozen, for tax purposes, and future growth is transferred to your heirs.


In the event a partner or owner of a business becomes disabled, retires, or passes away, a Buy / Sell agreement will provide for the sale of their business interest. Having a written agreement in place can eliminate conflicts that could disrupt the business and reduce the chance of a legal dispute.
The agreement can include provisions for partners, heirs, employees, shareholders and even creditors.

Family Trusts

A trust is a legal arrangement that will benefit people who wish to privately structure their affairs, or who wish to control assets without actually owning those assets. In some situations it is used to take advantage of certain tax-planning opportunities. Trusts can also be used to secure the transfer of funds to children.

Succession Planning

A business succession plan is a blueprint for the orderly transition of a family owned business to the next generation, a partner or a key employee. The transition could be as a result of a disability, retirement or death of an owner or partner. Smooth and profitable transition is possible if well planned and executed in advance. Without a plan there can be significant monetary losses or even an entire loss of the business.