You've arrived, and freedom is yours. You have saved and carefully planned for your retirement to cover every eventuality. Calm and confident you are ready to enjoy the retirement years to the fullest. You've joined clubs and are eagerly planning long anticipated vacations. But even in retirement you need a financial plan.

  • How much should we withdraw each month?
  • How do we manage tax and estate planning?
  • How can we make the most of our money and investments in retirement?

Bircher financial is able to help you.

Happy retirement

Our Clients Say

Bonnie has been our trusted financial advisor for five years. She has helped us with all aspects of our business and personal finances, from setting up the corporate structure for our small business, to doing the taxes for our children.

One example of how Bonnie has contributed to our success, was when she identified a major tax credit which we were eligible for and had been overlooked for several years. With Bonnie's guidance, we applied for a retroactive credit which resulted in a substantial refund.

We appreciate Bonnie's problem solving ability, and how mindful she is of our values and wishes when making recommendations regarding tax planning, education savings plans and investments.
Bonnie is always available to answer questions and address our concerns and her staff are always pleasant and professional.

It is our pleasure to recommend Bonnie.

Tammy and Rob Vestrum