Success is yours. You have a great job, terrific income and a bright future. You've worked hard to get where you are. You've made all the right moves and you want to keep that upward trajectory on track. As a specialized professional you know your stuff, but you can't know everything.

  • Where should I invest my hard earned money?
  • How do I diversify my portfolio?
  • Is a TFSA better than RRSP's?
  • What if I want a master's degree?

Bircher Financial can help you keep your financial world as upwardly mobile as you are.

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Our Clients Say

From the moment we met Bonnie Bircher we knew she would be a perfect fit for us. She immediately asked us all the right questions, focusing on what our future goals were and providing some insight into how she could help us reach those goals. We've been with Bonnie now for over five years and in some cases I consult her before I consult my husband! She has become an integral partner in our current portfolio growth – obtaining incredible growth year after year. She has a very proactive approach with our portfolio, often contacting us to move money around just before a swing in the market takes effect.

We are in the process of starting our own business and Bonnie is definitely a huge part of our business team. Her knowledge of corporate business and strategy is exceptional! She has participated in meetings with our current accountant as well as tax lawyers as we work to structure our new company.
We would definitely recommend Bonnie Bircher to anyone who wants to have their future goals defined and implemented or to those starting their own companies. We're glad she's part of our team!

Brad and Trish Meyer / Gator Propane Services Inc.